Funivia Chamois

Funivia Buisson-Chamois

Regione Valle d'Aosta



1             How much is the ticket?

The roundtrip ticket costs 5.00 euros while the one way ticket costs 3.00 euros

2             Are there discounts / reductions / free tickets? For Elderly / children?

Children under the age of 8 have a free ticket while for the elderly there are no free tickets

The reductions foreseen concern the Residents in Chamois or the workers

3             Do people with disabilities have to pay?

People with disabilities do not have discounts except for residents of Valle d’Aosta.

4             What is the duration of a return ticket?

The ticket is valid for 60 days from the date of purchase

5             Can I use both round trip tickets uphill?

It is not possible as there is an up ride and a down ride on a round trip ticket

6             How long is the recharge of a card?

The points loaded on a magnetic card are valid for one year from the date of recharge

7             Can bikes / paragliders be transported? How much does it costs?

They can be transported and the cost is 1.00 euros/ride

8             I work at Chamois: can I request a reduced tariff?

You need to fill in the appropriate form (in Italian) and wait for confirmation

10           At what time does the morning ticket end? And when does the afternoon ticket begin?

The morning ticket ends at 12:30 and the afternoon ticket starts at 12:30.

11           Can I get off after 12.30 even if I have bought a morning ticket?

Of course the cable car ticket can be used at any time you want to get off

12           Who do I call in the evening in case of need?

In case of urgency, call the emergency call center at 112 and they will activate the rescue procedure with the cableway personnel

13           Who should I call for freight or luggage transport?

The reservation number is 0166/47205

14           Can I carry a bag of cement / glue?

No, as cements and tile glues have a corrosive effect on the floor of the cabin which is made of aluminum.

15           Can I carry a small can of gasoline?

No, because no flammable materials of any kind can be transported

16           Can I transport a piece of furniture?

To transport furniture, you must reserve the material transport ropeway at 0166/47205. If the ropeway is closed or can not comply, the authorization is given by the Chief Operating.

17           Can I bring luggage / goods? How much?

Yes the prices vary based on the quantity of the goods / baggage transported

18           What time is the next ride? How often are the rides?

The next ride is at …

One o’clock…

Half past two…

the rides are every half an hour

19           What time is the first morning ride and what time is the last one?

The first ride open to the public is at 7.00 while the last is at 22.25

20           Can babies go up?

Yes, of course, and if you need it, a slower ride may be required to change altitude less quickly.

21           Can anyone with heart problems come up?

Yes of course, and in case you may require a slower ride  to have a less rapid altitude change. The difference in height is 700 meters in 6/7 minutes and you get to 1800 meters.

22           How many meters of altitude are there? At what altitude is the upstream station?

The difference in height is 700 meters in 6/7 minutes and you get to 1800 meters.

23           Can the ride be slow down?

Of course, on request and for health reasons, staff can be requested to reduce the speed of the system

24           What is the best way to get free parking?

It depends on how much you stay in Chamois. The cable car subscriptions are combined with the free parking subscriptions. Check the website.

25           Do you pay for parking? Is the ticket taken in entry exposed in the car?

Parking is paid only if the stay lasts after midnight at a price of 3.00 Euro per night.

The ticket should not be exposed, indeed it should be kept away from the sun because it could damage it.

26           Where do I pay for parking?

You can pay it at the cash machine near the cable car cash desk

27           Can we bring dogs? Dogs have to pay? should they wear a muzzle and a leash?

The transport of dogs is with the obligation to wear a muzzle and a leash.

Medium and large dogs pay, while small dogs travel for free. For detailed information consulted the website

The price follows that of the owner

28           Should the blind guide dog wear a muzzle?

No, in this case the law does not provide for the muzzle obligation

29           Should the mountain guide rescue dog wear a muzzle?

No, in this case the law does not provide for the muzzle obligation

30           Do you have tourist brochures?

No, but there are available in Chamois at the information desk located right next to the cable car.

31           What is found in Chamois?

Chamois is a small car-free mountain village, with untouched territory and views of the Matterhorn.

There is a beautiful lake and animals including the buff.

Chamois, characterized by typical rural architecture, is also Pearl of the Alps

32           Are there people who live there all year?

Yes there are about 60 people who live there all year

33           How many residents are there in Chamois?

About 100 people

34           Where is the nearest gas station? The mechanic?

In Antey about 5 minutes by car and 5 km away

35           What time do chairlifts close?

The chairlift from the village leading to the lake closes at 16.45

36           How much does the daily ticket?

The price varies depending on the season.

Consult the website of the Cervino S.p.A.

37           How many slopes are there in Chamois?

There are 3 chair lifts and several slopes