Funivia Chamois

Funivia Buisson-Chamois

Regione Valle d'Aosta


The car park in Buisson is free for cableway users.

Two special areas are dedicated to coaches.


At the entrance to the parking lot, the ticket is collected, which must be kept for the exit.
Those using the cableway in the day (one way or roundtrip rides) can leave the parking lot using the ticket obtained at the entrance, within 24.00 of the same day, without going through the automatic cash desk.
Those who have a season ticket must also ask for the parking card at the cash desk, which will have a validity commensurate with the type of subscription purchased, according to the following table:

ticket typeperiod of gratuity
One way or roundtripFrom 06.00 to 24.00 on the day of purchase
Subscription 10 ridesOne week from the purchase of the subscription
Subscription 20 ridesOne month from the purchase of the subscription
Subscription 50 ridesTwo months from the purchase of the subscription
Subscriptions 100, 300 or 500 ridesOne year from the purchase of the subscription

The parking card allows unlimited entrances and exits from the parking lot, during the period of validity, as shown in the table above.

The parking card costs 10 euros. The weekly pass can be made at the manual cash desk even on paper, at no additional cost.

The card is purchased at the cableway manual cash desk by filling out the form that can be downloaded here as well

To limit the use of non-users parking, there is a specific tariff for those who do not have a cableway ticket, as indicated below, to discourage the non-compliant use of the car park:

Day (after 24.00 on the day of entry)3 euros
Week (after 5 days from entry up to 7 days)15 euros
Month (after 15 days from entry up to 30 days from admission)30 euros
Year (after 6 months from entry up to one year)150 euros

Payments must be made by the cash machine located near the ticket office.

Non-users of the cableway wishing to purchase a parking ticket, must request the card at the cash desk and then go to the cash machine to load the desired subscription.

RVs and caravans are not allowed in the parking lot during the night.

Parking regulation