Funivia Chamois

Funivia Buisson-Chamois

Regione Valle d'Aosta

Aerial ropeway

Although in the ’55 the environmental sustainability was not yet a popular concept, the country of Chamois did not give in to the lures of road traffic and chose the cableway as a means of connecting the village with the valley floor. The cableway was a fast and direct means of transport which at the same time avoided road construction and consequently the emission of noxious gases and traffic noise. Although the descriptions of early-century travelers already identified a successful road to success for the tourist future of the “splendid climatic station”, as Sylvain Lucat reported in 1908, the Chamois population did not choose this solution that would necessarily changed the surrounding landscape. The presence of the cableway has in fact connoted the urban planning choices of the place: the small stone streets that run between the renovated houses have remained unaltered, preserving the charm of the territory. Since then, various interventions have been carried out to make the cableway safe and comfortable. A new cableway was builted since 2001 for the transport of goods and bulky and heavy objects. Click here to learn more.

Ropeway history

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